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We are manufacturers of every kind of glass processing, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, both for artistic works and business maintenance.

Glass shaped

Scrupulousness and precision are characteristical features of our service of glass shaping.

Chamfered glass

With the support of high precision and reliability machinary, we make...

Cut glasses

The sandblasting tecnique is the feather of our cap, particularly for what concerns the production of objects and accessories

Acid etching

In our workshop we execute the specific cycle of satin finish with acid, or acid etching, that includes a chimical processing.

Pasted glass

In our workshop we paste glass sheets of any shape and size. According to its use, we choose different processes...


Our workshop has always spent lot of time in glass and mirror grinding.

Glass drilling

In our workshop we us multiple drilling machines, with which we can operate on your glass drilling multiple holes...